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For some reason, I seem to keep having conversations recently about what to do with competitors.

But my answer is always the same: I don’t see other marketers (in my case) as competitors. In fact, I love the fact that I meet someone who I can potentially build a business friendship with and who understands exactly what the life of a marketer is like, and from that relationship can hopefully come a joint venture partner for the future.

I know where “my bit” of marketing starts and ends, and also know that other marketers have particular skills in other areas. I am personally only too happy to recommend one of my clients on to someone else I know and trust and is better suited to their requirements, or to help in them in the next stage of their business.

And even if I met a marketer who did exactly what I did, then we would still attract different sorts of clients because of our individual and unique balance of personality, knowledge, skills and so on.

And this will be the same with your industry. Whether you’re a landscape gardener, a life coach, financial advisor, photographer or beauty therapist, you will attract people to you who like what you – and only you – have to offer.

I would like for you to take confidence in that.

If you can make an effort to understand what it is that you uniquely have to offer, then you – to borrow one of my mentor’s phrases – stand in your own power. You can be completely confident that there are people in the world who only want what you have to offer. And the minute you’re confident about what you offer the world, you shine your special something out to your target market, and that is extremely attractive.

This is also the minute that your marketing becomes easy, the energy of it flows properly, and it starts working for you in the way it should.

So, I would like to set you a small challenge to carry out over the next week. Firstly write down what you personally think makes you different and why people would choose you. When you’ve done that, then ask five of your clients why they chose to work with you. Then see what the difference is.

The answer will not only be very enlightening for you, it will also help you with your main marketing message in a powerful and transformative way. Enjoy!

Have a great week,
Dedicated to your success,

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