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Why is my strategy not going to plan?

I have many business owners approaching me to tell me that they’re marketing isn’t working. There are normally two reasons for this. Firstly, they don’t have a marketing plan?and secondly they don’t have a marketing strategy.

But what exactly are these terms and what do they mean to you and your business?

So, let’s start at the very beginning. Before we set off on any journey we need to know where we’re going and roughly how we’re going to get there. These days we have the joys of Sally SatNav assisting us on our way. You tap in your end destination and – “ta da” – she knows how to get there and she can give you an overview of the entire direction she’s taking.

Your marketing strategy is like your SatNav: it gives you the roadmap and the general direction of where you’re going. Your marketing strategy will include, amongst other things, what you do, who you do it for, and why they (your customer) should choose you.

So, you hop into your car, clear of the general direction, and off you go. Your car will determine how quickly you get there?how smoothly?how efficiently?and how comfortable.

It may be a short journey or long, but your ideal is to arrive refreshed, comfortable and without too much hassle. No driving round in circles, no stopping and starting, no heading off in a direction wondering where you’ll end up, no holes in the road – in fact, no trouble at all.

It’s the detail in your SatNav that guides you round all these obstacles and avoids the troubles for you, and in marketing terms this is where your marketing plan comes in.

Your marketing plan details how fast or slow you want to get to your destination, how much you have to spend to get there, and what promotion you need to do to tell your prospective customers about you.

The promotion (i.e. what media, or marketing activities) you choose is determined by the speed in which you want to travel.

Want to travel fast and aggressively? Then you’re going to need more fuel, and it’s going to cost you more, So the media you chose will have to be quite high profile and will cost you some marketing budget. For example, advertising, direct mail, tele-marketing.

Happy to travel slow and steady? Then you can ease off on the budget and go for different types of media, for instance social media, networking and so on.

After your plan comes your tactical activities and what messages you’re going to use and when, and ends up as a full schedule which ultimately gives you your marketing to-do list.

Hope that helps!
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