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Whose opinion SHOULD you care about?

Whose opinion SHOULD you care about?

One of my friends was having a bit of a rant on Facebook recently about an individual who had been criticising her and her new business quite openly on a separate thread in Facebook. Understandably she was quite upset: she came up with an idea for a business a few months ago and has since worked very hard to get it up and running with the support of her family and friends.

She continually promotes her business, as you need to do, and works very hard around her kids to make this business happen.

What then gives this other person the right to criticise what she is doing?

They may not like her business, and that’s their prerogative, but it does not give them the right to put her down publicly.

About four years ago I began to take the step towards making my beliefs public.  That is, that marketing starts from the inside, and that your personal life can affect the marketing of your business deeply.  As business owners…as individuals who deeply care about what we do and who we do it for…one knock from the outside can make us tumble inside.  Building a business is as much about where your heart, mind and soul are, as all the practical things you have to do.

When I gave my first talk on this subject all that time ago, someone who I thought was a friend emailed me afterwards and verbally knocked me down.

“It’ll never work” he said.  “You can’t blend those two things together” [that is business and the person].  I can tell you honestly – it was a real blow to my confidence and it sent me into a tail spin for quite a while.  I didn’t focus on the FOUR guys who came up to me privately to thank me for my talk and tell me how it resonated with me…instead I focused on the one negative.

Silly me.

I’ve got over it now and I’m out and proud in what I believe in, and if people don’t like it – then, well, that’s up to them.

What I’ve seen over the years, many times, including very recently with one of my dear friends, is that if you’re aiming high, if you’re ambitious and want success, then when you stick your head above the parapet – then someone WILL try to shoot you down.

They can try…but they will fail.

Let them shoot: in my experience it’s jealousy behind their actions.  Jealousy driven by their lack of ability….no, not their lack of ability…..their lack of gumption to get up and make an effort for themselves.  Fear as well maybe: fear of succeeding, fear of sticking their own head above the parapet, or fear of falling hard.

Who knows.

However, your job is to keep on going no matter what they might think or say.

Surround yourself with people who DO support you and will protect you from the nasty comments and “put me downs”. They are the ones who will hold out a hand to pull you up when you need it.

It’s the opinions of those people – your close support team – that you should be caring about.

Forget the rest and carry on reaching for the stars.

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