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A question I get asked quite a lot of the time is “where should I promote my business / event / teleseminar / workshop”?

And the answer is really quite easy, but it comes down to you understanding your target market.

First things first then, you need to know who your target market is.  Who is it that buys your product or service now?  And who would you like as clients?…this is a subtly different question and if you can align the answer to the first question to the answer of the second – you’re highly likely to have found your perfect client!

Be as focused and as tight as you can about your target market.  For instance, saying “women” won’t be helpful to you: this could mean anyone from my daughter (aged 3) to my great aunt at aged 83.  What type of woman?  How old?  What lifestyle does she have?  What kind of woman is she? What are her mindset, attitudes, emotions?

Build a full picture of her and give her a name.  Don’t laugh?this is precisely what the marketing agencies do!  Know her like your best friend.

Now, use research, your knowledge and your instincts – what newspapers and magazines does this person read?  Where do they go socially? Where do they go when they’re out and about?  What forums do they frequent online?  Do they use social media – if so, which ones?  What business events do they go to? 

Build up a complete picture of this person?she should no longer be a “target market” but a living, breathing person.  Because, actually she is! (or he, for that matter).

And once you know where your person goes to, online and offline, then working out where to promote your business and events should become a simple decision of choice.

And that’s it.

Nothing complicated, just a bit of work required and you’re there.

Hope that helps!

Have a great week,


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