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What do you do when the phone doesn’t ring?

Bakerlight phoneThe summer holidays are bliss – long, hot, lazy and sunny days (hopefully) stretching away into the distance.  When you’re children, or you’ve taken the time off, then – how wonderful!

However, when you’re running your own business, late July and the whole of August can go very, very quiet.  Tumbleweed bounces gracefully across your email inbox and down your phone wires.  You call yourself to check the phone still works, and subscribe to newsletters on the internet just so you can receive emails.  It can end up resembling one of those ‘end of the world’ films….

Hello???  Is anyone out there??  Are there any humans left??  Hello?  Anybody??  Please?”

The first year this happened to me in business, I panicked.  Agh!  Where is everyone?  Then it dawned on me.

What has happened, rather than you turning into Billy No Mates, is that everyone’s gone on holiday.  Or taken to working outside under the parasol.

So you have two choices as I see it:

If you can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em….and go on holiday yourself.  I know business owners who take the whole of August off, and others who take the whole of the school summer holidays off.

The alternative is to use the time to develop yourself and develop your business.  Whilst it’s quiet you have ample opportunity to clear the decks, and create some head space to do some thinking, planning and developing.

Here’s a few ideas for you:

  • Take the time to do that all important thinking about the direction of your business.
  • Take the time to catch up on your reading (I personally have about six months’ worth of Success Magazines to read!).
  • Sign up to an online course to further your skills.
  • Write a new business plan from September to December: it doesn’t have to be long and onerous; a simple chart to stick above your desk will suffice.
  • Plan and create a couple of new programmes or courses you could offer your clients.
  • Make your accountant love you for ever more and catch up with your accounts and book-keeping.
  • Consider your health and nutrition: when we’re busy it’s easy to let this slip, but as a busy business owner you have a duty to your business, your clients, your staff, and most definitely to yourself, to be in optimum health.
  • Update your Linked In Profile – there are a load of ideas out on the web as to how you can enhance it and make it more prominent.
  • Listen to that video series you signed up to a while back and haven’t watched yet.
  • Think about and plan your staff training and development for the next six months.
  • If you haven’t got staff, consider what help you might need to grow your business over the next six months.
  • Look back at your marketing for the past six months: what’s worked and what hasn’t?  What has given you the biggest return?  Do more of that, and drop the things that aren’t working for you. (Very simple marketing plan, that!).
  • Whilst you’re doing that, look at all your networking groups.  Which ones do you get business from, which ones don’t?  Of the ones that don’t, think about why you go?
  • Re-do your filing…and…..
  • …..Why not tidy your desk?!

I hope that inspires you.  My own plan is to take three weeks holiday, but to also do a course, create some new programmes for the Autumn, re-write some of the copy on my website, and, yes, to tidy my desk!!

Before you know it, September 1st will arrive, and the phone will start ringing and emails will start pinging again.  You can start the Autumn with the gleeful satisfaction of a job well done in the summer, and with a fresh, new approach for the coming months!

Let me know how you get on.

If you are struggling with the direction your business or marketing is taking, do give me a call on 01452 223306 for a no obligation chat about how I could help you move your business forward.  Just not whilst I’m on holiday though!!

Dedicated to your success,


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