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What's really important?

By August 30, 2011 Mindset No Comments

A while back I was discussing with my own coach the importance of getting your whole life in balance, as well as ensuring that you are moving towards your inner ultimate dream. One of my bits of homework was to write down my ultimate dream/vision.

The image of my own personal vision is very strong in my mind and I have a pictorial version of this dream in my business plan file. But writing it down was, I admit, a little challenging. How do you articulate such emotion in black and white?

Then over that weekend a friend and I went to the Stitch and Creative Craft show (much to the great amusement of my clients who I saw that week!). At the show, and for the grand cost of £5 and in the space of an hour, I attended a workshop on basic jewellery making. Having learned the very basics, I went off and bought myself some bits and bobs (actually, I was a bit like a kid in a sweet shop!), came home and made myself what can only be described as a “statement piece”. And, girls (sorry guys, this is definitely a “˜girl’ thing!) – you know these can be ridiculously expensive, and it’s so difficult to find the “˜perfect’ one.

But for the cost of a few pounds, and half an hour, I am the proud owner of a statement piece necklace, exactly how I wanted it, made with my own fair hands. Showing this to one of my dearest friends on the Sunday got us talking about the importance of business owners needing to look after themselves. In fact, so important was this discussion that we were stood in my bedroom for about 20 minutes discussing just that!

You see, life is too short for you to feel unhappy and unfulfilled.

In March, for Comic Relief, the BBC showed a programme about people living in the slums of Nairobi.

Then the Japanese earthquake and tsunami hit – eradicating people’s lives in an instant. This weekend just past saw Hurricane Irene hit New York, and the vast majority of the Eastern seaboard of the US.

Life is bigger than all of us.

And life can be taken away from us in one snap of the earth’s fingers.

So I believe we have a duty to be at our best, to perform at our best, to be the best person that we can, to nourish our souls and to get our lives into balance – and to be truly happy, so that we can spread that happiness out to the others.

Behind any successful marketing campaign and successful business, is a successful person.

That’s you.

To make “you” successful you need to look at all areas of your life. Because if the “you” is not in alignment and fulfilled, then your business just won’t work.

My personal clients know that I dig deep and illicit big personal changes in them when I coach. Yes, I coach marketing, but it’s so, SO important to get the “you” bit right first, before any marketing is ever going to work for you, and that’s the bit I concentrate on first. If we get that bit right, then the right opportunities open up.

And if we have an opportunity open to us to create happiness and abundance, then we should take it, and make it into something good and successful.

In doing that, we can pass that happiness, success and abundance onto our clients. And a ripple effect starts to happen.

An abundance also allows us to help those in need. For those who watched the BBC programme – I guess you’ll be with me when I say that I would have bought those kids a house too.

We’re very lucky in the West. It’s time to count our blessings. It’s time to create happiness, balance, fulfilment, success and abundance.

It’s time to heal ourselves, and in doing so, make a start on healing this beautiful world.

There are 4 million of us small business owners in the UK. Together we can make a difference.

Dedicated, as always, to your success,
Have a great week,

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