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I was asked recently how I manage to make time for my daily jaunt into the woods.  The answer is, simply, that I just make time for it.

I wasn’t always like that though.  When you’re a business owner it’s difficult to find time.  Your business can eat up time like my children get through the contents of the biscuit tin (think plague of locusts, and you’re not far off).  Like very, very many other business owners I used to work long hours, late into the evening.  In fact, my days went along the lines of:

  • Get up
  • Give kids their breakfast, get them dressed and off to school.
  • Take mummy hat off and put business hat on and spend my day working until 3.15…
  • …Kids get home from school, business hat off, mummy hat back on.  Spend time with kids, cook tea, clear up, put them through bath and bed.
  • Mummy hat off, business hat back on, and another two or three hours at my desk.
  • Bed exhausted at midnight.
  • Start all over in the morning

Result?  Worn out, exhausted me.  I was tired all the time, stressed out, and my back ached with tense muscles.  I put on weight, had shadows under my eyes, and well, it wasn’t a great look.  Bang went my super-modelling career. 😮

But you know, somewhere in there I had a bit of wake up call, and realised that the results I was getting were not what I actually set out to get.

What I actually wanted was:

  • to do what I loved (check);
  • spend time with my kids (check);
  • cook them a fresh home-made meal every day (check);
  • be healthy and energetic and full of vitality in myself (not so check).

I realised that if my health suffered, then there was no way I could juggle everything else, and give the best of myself to my kids, my partner, my clients, and ultimately my business.

Firstly I decided that I would stop working every evening as a matter of course.  Immediate worry ensued that the work wouldn’t get done.  But I now put the kids to bed and then sit down to read, or watch a bit of TV, or sew.  It means I get to spend time with Mr R (always a bonus!).

I get to go to bed with a relaxed brain which means I get a good night’s sleep and wake up refreshed in the morning, which never happens if I work till 11pm.

New result: suddenly not tired all the time, I have more energy, I feel refreshed, and you know what?  The work still gets done.  Now it gets done when I’m awake and refreshed which is so much better for everybody.

Next I made a decision to go out for a walk every morning.  Not easy because I immediately panicked that people wouldn’t be able to get hold of me.  Shockingly though, the world hasn’t stopped spinning because I disappear off for 30 minutes every morning.

Result?  I’m fitter, healthier, haven’t had a cold for ages, have lost a load of weight, and feel brighter and more energetic, AND my walk gives me inspiration for this very newsletter, which you’ll know if you read my ramblings regularly.

Then….final shock and horror…I decided that I wanted to learn how to do Patchwork and Quilting, and so every Wednesday afternoon I disappear off to the local class for a couple of hours.  A couple of hours??…….During the working day??  Whatever next??!!

But guess what?!  Nothing untoward happens.  If someone calls, I call them back, just as I do if I’m in a meeting.  New result is that I have fun and do something completely different , which means I have time to relax and refresh my brain, and it allows me time to think, which means I come up with better solutions for my clients.

Overall, a few small changes here and there, but a few changes that I’ve made time for, have made BIG changes to my wellbeing, health and vitality.

For me personally, this is about making the time and fighting for what I want out of life.  I am prepared to fight for my family and for my good health.

Are you though?  Are you tired all the time?  Over stretched and over stressed?  Does your brain feel too full of “stuff” so you can’t think clearly?  Are you doing what you believe in for what’s important to you….or are you just getting through each day and getting nowhere fast?

It’s time to fight for what you believe in: for who you are and what you want.

It’s time to fight for balance in your life, and good health and energy and vitality.

It’s time to fight for good relationships – with your partner and with your family.

It’s time to fight for you.

This week then, STOP.

Here’s a suggestion: this evening, don’t work.  Spend time with the kids and with your partner.

Yes, I know you’ll end up falling asleep on the sofa.

So, tomorrow then.  Don’t work in the evening.  Spend a few minutes jotting down what’s important to you…what’s worth fighting for.

Then decide.  What small step can you take over the next week to make a small change that will make a big difference to you?  What are you going to make time for?  What are you going to fight for?

If you can fight for more energy, better health, more vitality, more time with your partner and your kids, I promise you that your business will flourish as a result.

And that’s gotta be worth fighting for.

See you next week.
Dedicated to your success,

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