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Using Vine for Your Business

I’m sure that most of you have heard of Vine by now, but if not here’s a little bit about it. Vine is a six-second video app that is owned by Twitter and it has been created to make it quick and easy to create a video and then share it via Facebook, Twitter and so forth.

Like Twitter, you can add hashtags and keywords, enabling other users to search for related videos, comment on your videos and share them. However, at the moment, Vine is app based and only available for iOS users. Sorry Android and HTC!

What I like about Vine is that it the videos are only six seconds long and loop continuously. If you’re an iPhone user click here to download the app and see what videos people have created in six seconds; you’ll be surprised how good some of them are!

Vine hasn’t been around very long and has already received quite a bit of bad press due to having privacy bugs and then the editor chose some adult content as his ‘pick of the day’. However, I don’t think these issues (which they’re ironing out) should be a reason to overlook Vine.

As a business, you can be creative with this tool, representing your business in a way that other may not be, making your business seem more approachable and use this to give your business some real personality.

Examples of ways you can use Vine are:
• you could film your office and use it make company announcements
• obtain short testimonials from clients and use this as well as having written testimonials on your website
• film your team or produce quick interviews with different members of staff from different teams
• if you’re a visual company, like a designer, website developer or cake maker then the ways you can use Vine are endless and it gives you the chance to show off your products, or even use it provide a demonstration.
• Does your company regularly host events? If so, this would be another way of using Vine. You can use this app to summarise your event in six seconds.

By doing things like this you can direct your customers to this content, encouraging them to interact and comment, or even inspire them to use the app as well.

For example, Confused created a campaign called #petvine where you had submit a video of your pet and could be in with a chance of winning £250. Watch one of the videos submitted here. (Rather cutsey but this was part of their marketing plan!).

So what are you waiting for? Get filming!

The last blog post written by our very lovely Abi (and social media guru) before she moved on to a very well deserved huge opportunity!
We miss you Abi! 😮

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