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Two secrets of this business’ success (so far)

Well, I’m back this week from my summer holidays, and I think most of the nation’s children are back at school now, whilst the nation’s parents breathe a collective sigh of relief.

Although I was officially back at work mid last week, I was straight into organising then attending a day’s celebration for Stu Avis of Audacious Creative when he reached five years in business. Well done Stu – I’ve extremely proud of you!

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I have been Stu’s Marketing Coach since the beginning when he was operating out of his back bedroom, which was a bit of a nightmare with two young babies in the house. Since then I have seen him grow and develop as a person, and his business has come on leaps and bounds too. The business’ turnover has increased by about 500% in that time; I’ve seen him through three office moves and he is now happily esconsed in a serviced office centre and has taken on a full time apprentice. He and his wife also have a third little one into the bargain too! How life changes!

Stu took his close support team out to dinner last Friday night (thank you Stu!) and was commenting that there were two main things that have made a difference to his success.

It was nothing to do with his talents and abilities (of which he never needs to worry about), but rather “getting over” a lack of self belief and valuing what he did for clients, and then building a very close support team around him to coach, lead, guide and inspire him. When you’re “up” you need the direction, the cheer leader, the leader, the continual inspiration. When you’re “down” you need a strong hand to pull you up and show you the way – and yes, someone to lead and inspire you, to coach you, and to give you that direction again. You also need that person to crack the whip and keep you working on your business and marketing plans!

My very dear friend and business associate Miranda Jenkins of Skills To Go wrote a great blog last week on choosing the right coach for you. It’s an article definitely worth reading, particularly if you’ve started September considering the future for your business.

And of course, if you need direction in your marketing, or you feel that your business has stagnated and you feel somewhat stuck, then please do book in with me for a free and no obligation chat and we can talk about what coaching could do for you and your business.

Dedicated to your success,

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