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Time To Turn off The TV


I admit it. I am on holiday, today, as I write this to post for you this morning. Yes, of course I could have written this two weeks ago before my holiday started, but life gets in the way, and sometimes you just have to let go.

So here I am then sat at my desk, rather than my sewing machine or out in the garden (fantastic weather this week for taking time off!) in a relaxed, serene state. One of the reasons for this I think is that I’ve spent nearly two weeks now nourishing me and my soul.

I’ve had lots of fresh air and sunshine (the latter not always guaranteed I grant you), lots of walks, time spent potting up the pots and containers in the garden, and many hours at my sewing machine (a hobby that I love). I’ve read loads, but have only had the TV on for an hour.

Have you ever noticed how much a drain the TV actually is? And how little there is on in reality? Or is that just me getting older?! I can’t say I’ve missed watching it this week, and the stillness in the air is palpable.

It’s all far too easy to finish work for the day and plump down in front of the box…and there we stay for three hours or so until it’s time for bed. And then we do the same the next day and the next. Before we know it, a whole week has gone past and that could potentially be well over 21 hours a week spent on TV.

What a waste of time!!

That’s over 21 hours a week that could be spent:
– Reading
– On your favourite hobby
– In the garden
– Walking in the fresh air and sunshine
– Chatting to friends
– Going to the gym
– Spending time with your partner (when was the last time you laid together on the sofa and chatted?)
– Having fun with the kids
..and really, whatever it is that nourishes your soul and body and makes you feel relaxed, happy and serene.

Being in that relaxed, happy state enables us to be more creative, energetic and positive about our business. If we re-energise ourselves, we can put more energy and effort into our business. If we re-energise ourselves, we will pass that energy onto our clients, and they will benefit too. If our business and clients are happy, that feeds our well-being and positivity. It’s an ongoing cycle that can only be for the good, but can so easily turn the other way.

“I don’t have time….” is our favourite mantra, in answer to many questions involving doing anything other than work. We work, work , work. We flop in front of the TV, which does nothing to rest and still our brains or create the good hormones. We sleep badly, we get up, we work some more. Tiredness, stress, anxiety, illness….

…. I would argue that you and I DO have time.

If only we made that choice and, to quote the old TV (!) programme from my childhood, “Turn off the TV and Go Do Something Else Instead.”

Go and nourish your soul.

Your business deserves it.

Your clients deserve it.

You deserve it.

To Your Success,

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