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Time To Turn Off The Light

By June 25, 2015 Health, Love Yourself No Comments
Alarm clock

Like many of us I suspect, for years now I’ve used my phone as a general do-it-all, including using it as my alarm clock.

It’s all very lovely being woken to soothing music courtesy of Samsung, but through having the phone on overnight, I was becoming more and more conscious (literally….) of a variety of flashing lights and buzzing noises. Lights that aren’t noticeable during the day, take on strobe light like proportions in the blackness of night. And a gentle buzz that the phone makes when it’s allegedly in silent mode, reverberates across my bedside table like thunder at 1am.

Not only was this getting annoying, it also kept waking me up. And then worse still, I read an article in one of the broadsheets that said that mobile phones emit a radiation through their headphone wires, not just when you have the phone up to your ear. Well, I don’t listen to music on my phone at night, but decided there and then that if there was any chance of me being radiated whilst I sleep – blissfully unaware – then I really didn’t want any part of that.

And so, after many, many years of having my phone on over night – I hit the power off button. For a while I worried that I wouldn’t be able to wake up in the morning, but my trusty little old bedside clock that has proper hands that go round a real clock face, with its cheery but insistent beeping for an alarm, woke me up just fine.

The real difference came in my quality of sleep. With no strobe effects or a constant green light, our bedroom became black at night and I slept deeply and solidly. And even if I did wake in the night, then there was nothing flashing or buzzing to keep me awake.

So, I encourage you to dig out the old alarm clock and turn off your phone overnight.

You’ll sleep better for it.

And if you sleep better, you’ll feel better.

And if you feel better, what a difference that will make to your day.

To Your Success,

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