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Easy Peasy Social Media

On our travels, one of the things we hear about often is the struggle business owners and their teams have with keeping on top of social media. Our view is that you should keep it simple and to a minimum amount of time, so here are the two tools we have in our marketing toolbox for managing our social media here at Merrie Marketing Towers.

Firstly, if you haven’t yet come across it, download yourself Tweetdeck. In one place you can manage all of your social media across any of the networks you subscribe to, reply to messages, add updates and so on. You can also immediately see if you have had any mentions across the Twittersphere, and reply to those if necessary (eg thanking someone for giving you a #ff, or “follow Friday”).

Once downloaded, you get a series of columns which you can add to easily by clicking on “+/Add Column”. Each column could be used for watching your social media accounts, or for watching various people on Twitter: for instance your clients, suppliers, business associates and friends or, indeed, celebs!

You can schedule your updates from Tweetdeck, but we prefer to use HootSuite. There is a free version or a paid for (low cost) version. We’re not skinflints, but we do like to watch the pennies and for our purposes (and that of most of our clients), then using the free version is completely suitable. It allows us to post tweets and updates to up to five different social media accounts all in one go, and schedule them in advance (very useful when you need a tweet to go out during the school run!).

So, two very simple (and free!) tools you can use to manage your social media in very little time.

Don’t forget though, that although using automated scheduling is a fantastic way to manage your social media, you still need to go out there “live”. People like doing business with people, so do go out there and join in the conversation: you never know who you’re going to meet!

Happy Monday!

PS If you’re still confused about social media and would like to take a step back from it, and find out whether it will work for your business and if so how, then click here to find out about and book yourself on our upcoming day’s workshop (which includes lunch) called “Is Social Media Right For Your Business?”

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