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Think You’ve Got No Willpower? Think Again!

Here’s a revelation I had this week.That your will power has a limit.Actually, it wasn’t my own light bulb moment, but was taken from a book I’m currently reading “The One Thing” by Gary Keller.

In this particular chapter he discusses that we really only have enough willpower for one task at a time, and then only for a limited time only.

It made perfect sense!

Have you ever felt a bit of a failure because you couldn’t stick to your diet until the end of the day, couldn’t get through all the things on your to do list (that’s a whole other subject in this book!), and generally felt like everybody else has FAR more willpower than you?

Well, you’re not alone, and you pretty much have the same willpower as everyone else.  It’s just that the high achievers use theirs in a different way.

I will let you get and read the whole book, but in the meantime, the strategies for managing your willpower so that you can achieve far more are (these are my adaptations of Gary’s words):

  • Do what matters most first.  Ie do your most important job first thing in the morning when your willpower is as its strongest after a good night’s rest.
  • Take a rest in between tasks and let your willpower repair itself, although take note that it does wane over the day.
  • Eat well.  Taking in good nutrition will always feed your brain properly, and studies have shown that willpower is at its strongest when your blood sugar level is at its highest.  (This does NOT mean eating loads of sugar – this just leads to energy crashes and has a whole host of health issues associated with it!  :-) )
  • Don’t fight your willpower.  Work with it and build your days around it.  But when you use it first thing to do your most important task, you can always count on it.
I hope that makes a difference to your weeks ahead.  Do let me know how you get on.

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