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Spring Clean Your Business

By April 20, 2012 Mindset, Miscellaneous No Comments

 I’ve just moved house – for the second time in 9 months! – and in unpacking the boxes, it’s amazing the amount of “things” and “stuff” that I’ve kept over the years, for no particular reason. I chucked out loads whilst I was packing up and am doing the same at this end as I unpack. I’m a great believer in, that if you get rid of clutter, you allow new opportunities, people and magic to come into your life. (By the way – this is NOT a picture of my desk!!)

I think the same thing happens to your desk and office as well as your home: you accumulate “stuff” over time. So as we come up to Spring, why not take this time to have a good spring clean of your work areas?

Look at your desk: is it time for a tidy up? Do you really need that big pile of filing on your desk? Could it be filed? What about all those “bits and bobs”? (Yes, I know you have them!). Get a clear and clean desk and you’ll feel great!

Look at your clients: who are your top clients?and who would you prefer not to work with any more? Is it time to recommend the clients who drain your energy onto someone else who might be better suited to working with them? This leaves you to focus on your favourite clients: the ones who give you energy and are fun to work with.

Look at your business processes: do you need to sort out our finances? Do you need to automate a system for your marketing?and for your incoming sales leads? Systems create time and de-clutter your mind, allowing you the time to concentrate on growing and developing your business.

Look at what you do: Do the products and/or services you offer excite and thrill you? Do you love creating them and providing them to your clients – deep in the knowledge that your clients will get the maximum benefit out of them? Creating the business of your dreams starts with creating the products and services that you love to provide, so get rid of the products/services that you really don’t enjoy.

Look at what you’re missing: When you’ve done the de-cluttering – stop and think: are there any groups of your target market that you’re not servicing in any way? Could you create a product or service for them? Could you diversify into new target markets? How could you add extra value to your existing clients? What are they asking you for? How could you give it to them?

Take a weekend or two to have a good Spring Clean of your business and you’ll approach the rest of the year with renewed energy and vitality.

And that’s gotta be a good thing!

Dedicated to your success,

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