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Spread a Little Happiness

By December 5, 2013 Mindset No Comments

A few years ago I was introduced to a film called “Pay It Forward”, starring Kevin Spacey, Helen Hunt and Haley Joel Osment.  It’s about a school boy who aims to make the world a better place after his teacher sets a term assignment.  The boy set himself the task of doing a good deed for three people who needed help in some way.  Instead of paying the compliment back to the boy, the three had to pay the good forward to three people they come across who need help, and so on.

The boy doesn’t think his assignment has worked, but the end of the film required the full usage of a box of tissues, so do go and find it and watch it for yourself!

This week Chris Evans, of Radio 2’s Breakfast Show, had his Top Tenuous on Top Ten Good Deeds.  Nice, unexpected things that strangers had done for other people without needing any thanks or payback.  Instead it fostered a deep sense of humanity and showed that, in the midst of a world of frenetic activity and social media madness, there are still people who do nice things for other people.

And so, with Christmas fast approaching, it can become easy to lose ourselves in a flurry of commercial activity.  Whether that be trying to do that last minute marketing to get clients through the door, last minute filing, finishing the accounts, heading off to join the swell of shoppers to do the Christmas shopping, or spending evenings trawling desperately through the internet to see what’s on offer there….and wondering whether the item will look as good as the picture when it arrives.

This December then – why not do something different?

In amongst the flurry and the madness, why not set out to do a good deed, something unexpected for someone you don’t know (or maybe you do) once a week?  Pay for a coffee, leave a gift, pay for petrol, help out at the local care home or soup kitchen.  What it is doesn’t matter.  What it will do and how it will make that person feel does matter very much.  And you will arrive at Christmas, perhaps a little calmer, and have a small warm glow and a deep sense of satisfaction and fulfilment inside of you.

Three Fridays until Christmas.

Three potential very happy people.

And you.

What else could you really put on your list to Santa?


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