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Bow and arrow

I was discussing with a friend last week how interesting it is that when you try your best in your business and you put your head above the parapet, how there are always a small group of people who have a negative opinion on what you’re doing, a criticism, or try to shoot you down.

From experience, these negative, critical people haven’t ever tried to succeed themselves but are quite happy spending their days looking for the negative in what others are doing.

So the next time you work hard to put a newsletter out there, or a webinar, or a promotion or whatever, make sure you surround yourself with a positive group first; those who will support you and help you. Those who cheer you on no matter what. Those who will laugh or sympathise with you when things go wrong (because they do). And those who you can do the same for.

And, meanwhile, ignore the bows and arrows. You’re doing just great!

See you next time,

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