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Could Your Business Do With a New Pair of Socks?


One day you wake up, look around you, and come to the conclusion that you really DO have far too much STUFF.

I came to this conclusion a few weeks ago, and it coincided with three posts on Facebook about decluttering that some of my friends were undertaking. Having decided that the universe was probably trying to tell me something, I set about doing the “Declutter Challenge”.

This entails a month of decluttering activity, whereby on Day 1 you get rid of one thing, on Day 2 you get rid of 2 things and so on, until on the last day of the month, you’re getting rid of 31 things.

The kids enthusiastically got involved as well, and thus far not only have the local dustbin men been very busy, but the local charity shops have benefited from their new intake of stock from Chez O’Rourke.

Having accumulated quite a fair amount in my 46 years on this planet, I have a suspicion that my Declutter Challenge will last through next month as well. Nevertheless, the areas that I’ve completed feel fresh and alive and full of energy. Who knew a clean sock drawer could offer so much joy in the morning?!

If you create space, the universe has a funny way of filling it back up again with new and better things. OK, I’m always up for fresh new socks, but think of the difference that clearing out your old files, old business books, and that filing cabinet could make to your business?

I was reflecting though, that it’s not just about the decluttering of accumulated “stuff”. Over the years we also accumulate ideas, beliefs, habits and attitudes which block up our mind from feeling fresh and alive, and full of joy, and hinders are ability to move on and grow.

Which of your ideas and beliefs don’t serve you well any longer? Which habits have you grown out of? What attitudes belong to a previous “you” but don’t have any relevance to your life now and how you want to be in the future?

As we reach the half way point through the year, and as the sun shines…and starts glinting off the cobwebs….maybe it’s time to have a good clear out: of things and of “stuff”, yes, but also of those outdated attitudes, habits and ideas that may well be cluttering up your mind.

Clear the physical, but also clear the cobwebs and clutter of your mind. And who knows what the universe will bring you over the coming months?

And I can promise it will be more than a new pair of socks.

Dedicated to your success,

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