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Two months ago I joined the gym.  It took me from two months before that moment to make sure that it wasn’t a passing faddy idea and that I definitely wanted to do it and was going to stick to it.  Having established that, I took myself along and signed on the dotted line for their “No commitment” higher fee.  Just in case, you know…

So I turned up for my induction programme and discovered how unfit I actually was.  Shocked actually!  Five minutes on the rower and I nearly fell off in exhaustion, and don’t get me started on the cross trainer where I think I met my nemesis!  The weights were all set at their lowest for the toning machines, and quite frankly, the idea of me doing two sets of 12 ab crunches on one of those big pregnancy ball things was laughable!

However, spurred on by the reasons why I was doing this, I got myself along there about three times a week.  OK, life has a habit of getting in the way sometimes, and when my mum died recently it was difficult to get there.  But on the whole, get there I did and slowly bit surely increased my weights, my times and my repetitions across the weight machines and I now do an easy half an hour across three of the cardio machines, all at higher levels that when I started.  Even better, I can now do 6 sets of 20 ab crunches (120 in total!) on the ball AND three thirty second planks.  (Although the person who invented the plank should be shot at dawn I think!  It’s a tortuous exercise).

No particular gym session felt any different to any other gym session, and day to day, I don’t really notice any improvement.  Nonetheless, two months later I have lost 19″ from the various measurements I took across my body, have dropped a dress size, and no longer have a weak/bad lower back.  That’s a pretty big leap in two months!  I haven’t quite turned into a 5’10” size 8 supermodel yet, but then as I’m 5’6″ and about 25 years their senior, I think that’s unlikely to ever happen.

What’s the moral of this story then?  I think there are strong parallels to be drawn from here to the world of business and marketing.  Little by little do we take steps, never really knowing if they are having any affect.  And maybe on that particular day they aren’t.  But add them all up together and the difference is very noticeable.  Suddenly you find yourself at a place in your business that you are delighted to find yourself in.  You find your marketing is bringing those new business enquiries in like a dream, and your revenue is on a definite upward curve.

So, even though you may have the odd off day, take care to carry on taking each little step and making each little improvement so you too can make those big leaps forward.

(Oh, and don’t forget to keep tracking and measuring what you are doing: small successes spur you on to greater ones!).


Dedicated to your success as always,

Kim x

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