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Six Things You Must Do Before Publishing an Article

Hope you enjoyed my last blog entry on How To Write Articles. However, before you hit the “publish” button, there are a few things you need to make sure you do. Here’s my checklist:

1. Make sure you are typo and spelling error free. I’d best make sure this missive is typo free then… ;o) A trick used in marketing agencies is to read something forward for sense (ie does it make sense) and backwards for typos. If you read something backwards you’ll read each individual word, whereas when you read forwards, your brain will see what’s not there, so this is not very helpful when you’re proof reading. (In fact, you only read the first two or three letters of a word – your brain is clever enough to “see” the rest of it and know what’s there, without actually reading it.) And get someone else to read it too for you: they will always spot what you’ve missed.

2. Make sure your grammar is correct – most common place is the mis-use of apostrophes, and when to use ‘their’ or ‘there’. Spell check won’t pick up all of these, so go through with a fine tooth comb and correct as necessary. Incorrect spellings and grammar will ‘grate’ on your reader’s subconscious (or just outright annoy them) and you will not come across as the expert you were hoping to be seen as (“If they can’t get the spelling right, will my order be right..?”).

3. Only ever write to ‘one’ person. OK, so if you’ve followed any of my missives for a while, you’ll have heard me saying this before once or twice – but you must KNOW your target audience. If you know them like you know your best mate, then you can write to them as an individual. Even if you think you can’t write an article, you can write some information for your closest friend. And this is what makes the difference between an “˜OK’ article and a killer article.

4. If you’re writing an article for the internet, then you will probably need to include the key words that people are searching for in order that they your article pops up. For example, ‘article marketing’ will be a key word that people will be searching for. I’ll cover this in more detail in a future blog post.

5. Again, for the internet, you are not allowed to ‘sell’ in your article. Actually, the same goes for offline article marketing. Articles are there to provide information to people, and that’s what you should provide. If people are impressed at the information in your article they will follow through and find out more information from you, which means…

6….you need to have a ‘Biog’ box at the end of your articles. Mine, for example, is “Kim O’Rourke is a professionally qualified marketer with over two decades of experience, and is passionate about working with women entrepreneurs at whatever stage of their business journey they are on. To get a free audio programme “How to Get More Clients, More Money and More Time for Yourself” and to find out more go to” It does change slightly though depending on who I’m targeting. With offline article marketing, it’s actually no different but I would include my phone number as well.

So, there you have it. Six ways to make sure your article is perfect and ready for the world.

Have fun with it!

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