Inside of you, there is a song that you have yet to sing.

A song that is unique to you and comes from your heart. A song that is your gift to the world and one that you are meant to sing to make your difference in the world…and to take your part in the world.

My role through my Sing Your Own Song™ coaching programme is to nurture you and encourage you to bring that song out of yours into the world.

I am a true believer that if you are in business for yourself, then that business should be created from your own unique mixture of passions, talents and abilities.  It should be run and promoted in line with your character and personal values.

So whether you are already in a business you love (but actually you would really like more of the right kind of customers/clients) or have yet to start your entrepreneurial journey, then Sing Your Own Song™ is for you.

You see – you are special, unique and have much to offer the world.  My aim is to help you identify that uniqueness in you and help you build a business around that uniqueness (and one that meets your personal financial goals) and promote you and your business.

Marketing a business that is built on passion and comes from the heart is actually very easy.  But it takes courage, confidence and much nurturing to allow that business to come into its full potential and for you to flourish and fly.

What I can bring to you is a unique set of personal development knowledge, spiritual awareness and practical business and marketing skills that will allow me to bring out that uniqueness of you and the truth of you, so that together we can make your dream business into one of reality.

What Is Sing Your Own Song™?

Sing Your Own Song™ is a coaching programme with me as your Coach.  We work together for blocks of three months at a time, although obviously the longer you work with me, the more benefit you will gain.

Sing Your Own Song™ is probably best described as a holistic business coaching programme: where your personal life and well-being is taken into consideration just as much as your business.

You see, the success of your business starts with you.  If you can create the fire, energy and passion within yourself, it will feed the energy of your business.  But your business has to be the right one for you, with the right products and the right clients: ones that will get you bouncing out of bed every morning.  Once we have the right business with the right clients, then we can look at the right types of marketing that will suit you best (not every technique will suit every person).

What Can You Expect to Get Out Of Sing Your Own Song™?

This a deep and transformative coaching programme that has been designed to help you help yourself make those big leaps in your business and your life.  I will ask you difficult questions…..but you will find yourself in a safe, protective and nurturing environment.

I will be your biggest supporter and advocate.  I will be cheerleader…and tear mopper-upper.  I will hold you accountable and kick you up the backside when you need it; but I will give you practical advice and help you decide the next step when you just don’t know what to do.

The results, therefore, depend.  At the very least, you will find you have a shift in attitude and self-awareness; an increase in confidence and self-esteem and a change of mind-set.

Over the long term (clients who stay with me for a year plus) can expect to see their turnover and profitability increase significantly.  This depends on what level you’re at now: start at a lower point and you could see your revenue and profits double; start further up the financial scale, and the percentage increase will be smaller, but still significant.

So, sorry I can’t be more exact, but a lot has to depend on where you are now, where you want to be, what work we have to do to get you there, and your own willingness and commitment to make the changes and do the work, and your own level of activity.

Ticks in all the right boxes could well result in your business flying!

How Much Does Sing Your Own Song™ Cost?

There are two levels to be budget, location and time friendly.

For Personal 1:1 Sing Your Own Song™ Coaching where we physically meet at a minimum of once a month for two hours, plus in between support via phone and email – £450 per month paid monthly by standing order, or £1250 if you pay for three months in advance.

For Skype Sing Your Own Song™  Coaching where we meet for two separate hour long Skype “meetings” per month, plus in between support via email – £200 per month paid monthly by standing order, or £500 if you pay for three months in advance.

Next Steps

Complete the form below, or call me on 0845 689 0202, for an initial free, no obligation, chat about the Programme and to see if you and your business are suitable.