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Should businesses still be blogging?

By February 21, 2013 Blogs, Social Media No Comments

In a nutshell: YES!

If you’re thinking that you already have a Facebook account, a twitter account and you’ve just set up a Vine account for your business, is it really worthwhile still blogging? Yes, it most definitely is.

For example, Tumblr still gets 335 million unique visitors a month.

Blogging shouldn’t be something that is done instead of tweeting or updating Facebook; it should be done as well as doing those things. Blogs drive people to your website, it helps with SEO and we all know that Google loves new and fresh content, but then so do your readers. It doesn’t matter how gorgeous and interesting your blog is, if there is no new content then people are eventually going to stop visiting.

Using twitter, Facebook and other forms of social media is fantastic; it helps create an online presence, helps build trust in your brand and enables you to connect your business with other businesses and potential clients. However, you can use your blog to bring these forms of social media together. The cynical ones amongst you will be thinking that you only want to blog to help with Google rankings and drive traffic to your website. If so, this is completely valid and if that’s the only reason you’re blogging, then that’s fine! Carry on!

However, there is much more than that to blogging. By creating new content you are reinforcing your business’ presence in the market and by doing this, you’re gaining trust. Blogging gives your business the opportunity to share your information and knowledge with your target audience, making your business stand out and become more credible. It also encourages people to engage with you and by sharing your knowledge and opinions, this can help make you the expert.

By having a blog and updating it with relevant content to your business, it will give you something to share and not try to limit what you have to say in 140 characters. You can use your blog to share your business wisdom and then share the story using the likes of Facebook and Twitter. Hopefully, those reading it will use those social media platforms to share your blog further.

Another great (and probably obvious) point is that blogging is free! It is easy to make blogs part of your website, WordPress have simplified this process and you can find out more by clicking here.

An example of a successful blog is Mashable – they cover the top social news and they have around 10,000,000 unique monthly visitors. Not bad at all.

Unfortunately, I can’t say that if you start blogging you will attract this amount of people to your site, but I can safely say if you start blogging on a regular basis and sharing your blog via twitter, Facebook and other similar platforms you will see an increase in the numbers of people visiting your blog than if you didn’t blog at all.

Happy blogging!


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