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See a Need, Fill a Need?

In my blog post a couple of weeks ago I featured Handy Manny, and now it’s Robots! Yes, I do watch intelligent TV, but with two young kids I may as well go with the flow and enjoy whatever Disney/Pixar and 20th Century Fox throw out in our direction, and one of our favourite family films is Robots.

If you don’t know the story, it features Rodney – a robot – who has a dream to take his invention to the big city. He’s inspired by Big Weld, a larger than life boss (think Richard Branson in Robot world) who’s key message is “You can shine no matter what you’re made of“ (you can always trust script writers to come up with motivational lines!). However, when Rodney gets to the big city, he discovers that Big Weld’s organisation has been taken over by some nasty new management intent on taking over the world. 

You’ll probably be able to guess the ending, but it’s a great film whatever your age! Now, there’s one message in there that Big Weld goes on about and it’s “See a Need, Fill a Need“. For decades, academics and the various Institutes of Marketing around the world agonise over all sorts of definitions of marketing?and have come up with something more akin to a wordy paragraph, rather than a quick explanation.

They should have asked the script writers, because in six words, they have it with “See a Need, Fill a Need“. This is basically what marketing is: you see a need?and you fill it. The only thing I would tag on the end is “make a profit”.

If we drag ourselves away from the glorious, colourful world of animated life, and back into reality: I’d like you to ask yourself why you’re in business. Are you in business, doing what you do, because you like the idea of being in business for yourself? Or did you spot a need in the market, and worked out how to fill it with your particular talents and skills?

Hopefully it’s the latter. No matter how brilliant you are, you will NOT create a business (and therefore an income for yourself) if there is no need for your skills.

So, if your business is not really turning over an income, or your income is not high enough, then one of the things you need to ask yourself is if your clients want to buy what you’re selling. And they’ll only want to buy if they want what you have?that is, they need it.

The quickest way to find that out is to ask them. Ask them what their problem areas are, or their frustrations, or their key issues. Ask – and they’ll tell you.

And when they tell you – you’ll find “the need”.

Then all you have to do is “fill the need”?i.e. be the solution to their problem?or frustration…or key issue. Don’t forget, people buy solutions to problems, not skills or talents.

Fill the need, and you’ll be amazed at how your business will grow!

Have a great week,