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The Secret of Success

By May 7, 2015 Success No Comments

Sometimes you come across things that are so short and simple that they have the greatest effect.

And so, I came across the words below recently and I thought you would like them too – on a day of General Elections where 650 individuals will reach the level of success that they’ve been campaigning hard for.

Closer to home in Gloucestershire a bunch of lovely ladies were winners last night across a variety of categories at the Gloucestershire Women in Business Awards. Well done one and all!

And Sam’s friend Ethan, on the right in the photo above, was terrified at the prospect of Go Karting last Sunday. Despite many tears, and initially refusing point blank to get in the car, with a big hug from me and the wonderful support and help from one of the marshalls, he eventually sat in the go-kart. Mark the marshall showed him how it worked. Then Mark cleared the track of everyone but Sam and sat on the edge of the go-kart whilst Ethan drove falteringly around for his first lap.

Mark left Ethan to his devices and after a few laps his confidence grew and grew, and despite a bunch of competitive adults getting on the track as well (with, it has to be said, a fierce warning from me to keep right away from him!) he carried on and got better and better, faster and faster.

Until it was time to come off and he finished with a “I want to do it all over again” and a huge grin! Now, that’s success!


Two Secrets of Success:

1. To Begin

2. To Finish

And that’s it.

I love it!

To YOUR success,

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