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Sales Confidence For Business Women – Workshop 25th Feb 2014

  • Do you find yourself struggling with “selling”?
  • Do you think that you’re no good at selling?
  • Do you find all the rules of persuasion and selling difficult to remember?
  • And do you find “the sales close” just completely unnatural?
  • Or are you downright scared of selling?

You’re not alone!

Business Women have particular needs in business, and the area of selling is no exception. However, sales skills are mostly taught in a very structured, methodical way, and this generally doesn’t work for women in business, so it’s no wonder you feel uncomfortable.

At “Sales Confidence for Business Women we will aim to:

  • Explain to you why you ARE already brilliant at sales (even if you don’t know it), and why you might already be far better than the local sales guy who teaches it (and he knows it!);
  • Show you how you can boost your sales confidence before you leave home in the morning (easily, and with no speaking affirmations into the mirror);
  • Explain how women approach marketing and sales in a different way to men, and that once you understand this, you will never have to remember a “close” (eugh) again;
  • Help you find a completely natural way to sell that suits you, and you alone;
  • Show you how to effectively convert interested prospects into paying clients without sounding pushy or aggressive;
  • Give you a secret “sales tool” that all women have up their sleeve/in their handbag: yep, you already have it, and we’ll show you how to access it;
  • And get rid of your fear of sales forever!

This workshop will be perfect for you if:

  • You are a women business owner (!) of any size business, and
  • You want to grow your business and consistently increase your revenue.

Join Business Confidence Coach Cynthia Crawshaw of CC Coaching and Marketing for Women Coach and Trainer Kim O’Rourke of Merrie Marketing in this one day workshop, with school friendly hours, on Tuesday 25th February 2014 in the large meeting room at Highnam Business Centre.

A day of confidence building, new skills, fun and laughs in a supportive atmosphere guaranteed. And the Sales Confidence you will gain will last a lifetime.  All for a great value, budget friendly investment of just £60!

Oh, and lunch is included! What more could you ask for? (Biscuits?? Yes, we can do those too…)

To book – just whizz along to here to guarantee your place.

We look forward to seeing you on the 25th!

Dedicated to your success,

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