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Who’s Responsible?

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If you heard the Jeremy Vine show on Radio 2 on Tuesday this week, there were two consecutive stories. The first was a selection of interviews on the Mansion Tax; the second was on Vietnamese Boat People.

Cue the entry of Dave for the first story, who judging by the Facebook response on the Radio 2 Page, had a real “chip on his shoulder” about rich people. He was a full time carer for his mother and was on benefits. Now, I really don’t want to upset anyone, and please don’t think I’m being harsh on him because he’s chosen to look after his elderly mum. I’m not; that to me is not an issue at all. However he said he had chosen to go on to, and remains on, benefits and came across as bitter and twisted against anyone who earns any decent income.

He went on have a go at the other interviewee (Lucy) because she lived in a high value home (which transpired to be a 3 bed semi in London). She and her husband ran their own businesses and worked hard seven days a week to earn their income and gain their success. She also had a baby to look after full time.

So, Dave has chosen the benefit road of £67 a week, which must be difficult; whilst Lucy had chosen to work hard and continues to work hard on her businesses whilst caring for her baby.

The second story was about Joseph and Cathy – some Vietnamese Boat People who arrived in this country after a horrendous, dangerous journey in which Joseph had to drink his own urine just to stay alive. Joseph arrived with nothing, speaking no English. He worked nights, slept in a car so he wouldn’t be late for college the next day. He learned English, studied for a variety of exams, and worked his way up so that – 30 years or so later – he and Cathy can now afford to send their son to private school. They are a humble, inspiring family.

The difference is clear. Joseph and Cathy, and Lucy and her husband have chosen to work hard, to do what it takes, to overcome the obstacles and hurdles, to become what they are today.

Dave could do something. He still could work, even in the role as full time carer for his mum. With the internet today, there’s no reason why he couldn’t set up an internet based business, and go on to earn a decent living to make he and his mum more comfortable. However, he has chosen not to, and it has turned him into a bitter man, hitting out everybody else: his situation being “their” fault. It’s not the Government’s fault, it’s not the fault of the wealthy. It’s his choice.

So, I appreciate this may be an emotive story, but it’s definitely worth listening on BBC’s iplayer to these two sections of the show.

What is clear from Lucy, Joseph and Cathy is that if you want to move your life and your business on, then you need to take responsibility for it.

Work hard, do it what it takes, remain humble and don’t blame “the others”.

Your success is up to you!

To your Success As Always,

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