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Repeat repeat repeat!

By April 11, 2013 Advertising No Comments

The team at Merrie Marketing Towers will roll their eyes when they read this blog (roll away team, I know you’re reading). I do have some really BIG things to do in the next few weeks, honestly!, but I can’t shake this pesky little item that is buzzing round my brain, and bring it up at any opportunity.

We’ve been talking about advertising with a couple of clients lately. It’s a fairly common tool in any marketing tool box. But what’s cropped up in conversation is the detail you would assume is insignificant but actually can make a huge difference to the success of the advert.

Take for example repetition. Place your advert once, and you may receive one or two enquiries. Place it regularly in the same place and your brand awareness grows. I have a magic number in my mind that you need to place an advert NINE times before customers start to feel empathy towards your business and will react or purchase.

Why is this rattling around my head? It’s because I have recently become aware of a local company selling bathrooms (hello Severn Vale Bathrooms and well done). I’m not in the market for bathrooms at the moment, but the repetition of their adverts stood out. It means I now know their name and I now know what they do.

Repetition is also known to improve the credibility of the company, and yes, it has worked on me. So the next time I’m in the market for a bathroom, guess who I’m going to think of first?

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