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Planning Your Diary Your Way (part 2)

By November 22, 2013 Business, Planning No Comments
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Last week, I talked about how your energy levels and ability to do things can differ throughout the day.  If you spent a few seconds each day jotting down how you felt throughout the day, you may have now noticed that patterns begin to form.  Planning your day to your own energy levels and how your brain works can make the day sooo much easier and more effective and efficient.

The next thing that can leave us frustrated is the week itself.  I speak to a lot of business women, who are also mums, who spend a lot of time battling against the time constraints of the nursery or school day.  And if that’s not enough of a challenge, or it doesn’t affect you, then you end up getting caught up in your day to day client work and don’t spend any time ON your business. 

It’s vitally important to spend time ON our business as well as IN it, but that can be very difficult of there are not many of you, and you’re responsible for more tasks than just the “day job”.   As the owner of your company, you are most likely responsible for overseeing the three main functions of your business: Finance, Operations, and Marketing & Sales.  None of these three can be seen in isolation; they are all as important as each other to the successful running and growth of your business.

I know from first-hand experience what happens when you take your eye off one of these balls – and it’s a painful lesson and it takes a lot of effort to pick them back up again.  So, here’s what I do: the trick that’s worked for me is to split the week into three to reflect Finance (1), Operations (2) and Marketing and Sales (3).

I dedicate one day a week to Marketing (which happen to be Mondays).  This is the day when I write this newsletter, my blogs, set up any software – for instance the appointment booking software for my free marketing surgeries etc.  Monday is also when I make my sales calls, or set up meetings with potential partners.

Then Fridays become my Finance day.  A day for doing the accounts, speaking to my accountant, paying invoices, dealing with any queries etc.  One Friday in a month turns into my Business Development day too – a day for business planning and strategic thinking.

Then Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday become my “operations” days, that is, the days when I do all my client work.

OK, so things can get in the way: children get ill; a deadline suddenly comes up; life stuff happens.  But if you’ve set your week up so that you have dedicated time always set aside for the three main areas of your business, you immediately take away all the stress of “having to find time” for these things, and considerably reduce the stress of issues becoming major problems.

Next Steps:

  1. Spend a few minutes thinking about how your week currently runs and how much stress that can cause you.  How important is it for you to reduce your stress and get on top of your finances, or your marketing, or get some order into your clients?  Or even work out where your business is going?
  2. Make yourself a cup of something and spend five minutes rethinking your week.  What days are you going to dedicate to your marketing and sales, your finances, and your clients?
  3. Put those days in your diary, and stick to them.
  4. Enjoy the rest of your cuppa!

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