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You may notice that as we return from our Easter break, that we are already one quarter of the way through the year. How did that happen?!

In the past three months you will have been working with existing clients and new clients; ones you love and ones that…well, maybe you don’t love quite as much. These latter ones have a habit of draining us, and leaving us somewhat resentful or peeved that we have to work with them.

But – you have a choice! Wouldn’t it be so much better if you worked with clients all the time who energised you? Who inspired you? Who motivated you?

Who better then than to work with clients who are perfect – just for you? Think how much your business would grow, flourish and prosper as a result?

Action Step For This Week:

Spend 30 minutes writing down who it is that you want to work with; who you get a kick out of helping.

Forget official marketing or business ways of describing them; write from your heart.

Then focus on finding those clients.

Dedicated to your success as always,

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