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Why should you never use Outlook for your email marketing?

By June 2, 2015 email marketing No Comments
Email Marketing

Every Wednesday afternoon I head off to my sewing class, and spend a couple of hours learning new skills and generally get creative.  It’s my couple of hours in the week to re-charge my brain and give it a chance to mull things over, problem solve, and come up with new ideas.

The conversations in the room invariably turn to running your own business as half of us have our own companies.  And with those conversations come the discussion of how one particular business owner keeps in regular touch with her customers (which is a good thing) using Outlook (which is a very bad thing).

“But WHY can’t I? “ she wailed.

Good question – and so I put together a short report on exactly why she – nor any other business owner for that matter – should use Outlook, or indeed Gmail or Hotmail – for keeping in contact with her customers.  It could have serious connotations for her business…and yours if you use one of these email clients for your email marketing.

And even if you don’t use Outlook, but have been thinking for a while that you really must get round to setting up a newsletter, then my report also covers what you should use and why.

So as part of the launch of MerrieMail, my brand new newsletter set up and management service, you can download this report from here today.

Hope you enjoy it!

Dedicated to your success,
See you Thursday,


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