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Nine Ways to Increase Your Email Marketing Click Through Rate

After your open rate (on the basis you have to get people through the door first and reading your emails), the next important stat you need to look for with your email marketing is your Click Through Rate.Your Click Through Rate (or CTR) is simply the percentage of people who click through to your sales page/order form/next step from the amount of times that email has been seen. And the higher the percentage, the better.Why is the click through rate so important?  Because this is the click you need if you are trying to sell your products and/or services via your emails.  Your email marketing is part of a “pull” marketing strategy – whereby you “pull” people through your marketing funnel, building your relationship with them and encouraging them to become clients.  As marketers, therefore, we have to spend a lot of time analysing each step of that process through the marketing funnel and making each part the best it can be.

So here are my tips for increasing your click through rate:

  1. Target your offers to different segments on your list.  Any good autoresponder will be able to segment your list for you.  Make those offers relevant to the segment they are going to.
  2. Use emotion in your copy.  People respond to it!
  3. Split test your email: test short copy vs long copy.  You’d think that short copy works best because the reader doesn’t get bored, but this doesn’t always hold true.  How many of us come across a sales message and then get drawn into the long copy that’s written there?  With email marketing, shorter is generally better, but test it out for your business and the offer in hand.  You might be the exception to the rule.
  4. And whether short or long copy, put a PS on the end.  The “PS” has endlessly shown as the place where people click or respond!
  5. Have a single Call To Action.  This is true for any sales copy: ie don’t confuse your reader.  Be very clear what it is you want them to do and then make that the single option for them.  Giving them a reason to click can also help…
  6. create a sense of rarity or urgency.  Eg “Order Your Book Now – Only 10 Left!” “Guarantee Your Spot Now!” and so on.
  7. Video is becoming prevalent with all digital marketing now, and so using video in your emails can help to encourage your reader/viewer to make that click.
  8. Make sure your emails are optimised for mobile.  As this blog shows, mobiles can no longer be ignored.  Your autoresponder should be automatically optimising your emails for mobile, but it’s worth checking.
  9. And lastly – test everything – continually.  Get yourself a benchmark (your autoresponder should be able to tell you what your industry average CTR is) and test everything you do in order to increase that.  Only time will tell you what the optimum CTR is for you, but your job is to constantly aim to better that.
Good luck and have fun!
I hope that helps, but if you need any further help, don’t hesitate to book in for a free email marketing strategy session by clicking here, or calling me on 01452 223306.

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