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12 Essentials to Include In Your Newsletter

By July 21, 2015 email marketing No Comments

Before you commit to sending out an newsletter, there are some important things you need to think about on what to include in your newsletter – and how to approach it.

So, here is my check list that I use for new clients for my Merrie Mail service:

  1. Why are you sending your newsletter in the first place? The answer “because everyone else does” is not the right answer. :-) You should be communicating with your prospects and your clients on a regular basis but you do need to put some thought in to what you’ll be using it for (showcase your expertise, tell your list what you do, make them special offers etc).
  2. Give your newsletter an identity.  I like to give newsletters a catchy name of their own and have a header designed by a designer.
  3. Have an interesting subject line – one that will encourage people to open it.  If they don’t open it, it doesn’t matter HOW brilliant your content is inside!
  4. Then have an interesting headline inside your newsletter.  This doesn’t necessarily have to be the same as the subject line, but do try and make the two flow together.
  5. Use engaging images.  Decide in advance what type of images you want to use then stick to it; these images become part of your brand look and feel.  Do you always want people in your images?  Or animals?  Or just a visual representation of your content? Fun, quirky or straight laced?  How about looking for images that blend in with your brand colours?  I use Shutterstock for stock images for both myself and my clients; occasionally I’ll have a look at Free Images (yes, genuinely no cost at all!) although the images are often not quite so classy.  However, worth looking at as a starting point.
  6. Great content.  Creating your own content, written with your own voice and with your own knowledge will go a long way to showcase your expertise and help you to build a relationship with your prospects and clients on your list.  Don’t try and write in a style that’s unnatural for you – you won’t be able to keep it up.  If you want to include come content that you don’t normally talk about but that’s still relevant to your target market, then invite a guest blogger to write an article, or send you one that they have already written. Obviously with full credit to them and a link to their own list.
  7. As mentioned above, make your content relevant to your target market AND that you are happy writing about.  If you don’t know what your list wants to hear about – then ask them!  Use a tool such a Survey Monkey to create a survey to find out what their issues are.  Create a content schedule based around the answers.
  8. Treat your newsletter subscribers as VIPs: give special offers on your products and services such as early bird booking deals, tell them about what you’re doing before anyone else, give them the chance to get “it” first.
  9. Include a call to action (or CTA) if you have an offer or are selling something.  If you don’t prompt people to buy – they won’t.
  10. Put your social media icons on and give your prospects and clients the opportunity to follow you elsewhere.
  11. Tell them how they got on your list.  People do forget, so you do need to remind them.  Mailchimp has a natty little box that comes up that tells people how they got there.
  12. And above all – don’t forget to proof read!!  Unless you’re ultra proficient, do gt somone else to profread – it’s vry easy to mis things!

For personal advice on how you can set up your own newsletter, do schedule a 30 minute Email Marketing Strategy Session with me today by clicking here.

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