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Do You Need a Bit of Luck?

Four leaved cloverGreat excitement!

On my walk through the woods a few days ago, I found a four leafed clover!

The last time I found one of those was when I was 8; I remember finding one on my way home from school, and I still have it to this day, looking a little tatty and delicate but carefully pressed and captured for all eternity in some sticky backed plastic. (Those must have been the days of Blue Peter).

And so, 37 years later, I find my next one. I’m not sure what made me stop and look, but I did, and was duly rewarded for my efforts.

I’m not sure if four leafed clovers actually work in reality, although as Mr R was suggesting we bought a lottery ticket as a result of finding it, maybe it’s worth trying! However, what is interesting is the mind-set change associated with finding a lucky “whatever”.

Whether it’s a four leafed clover, a black cat passing your path, or finding a white feather, lucky omens fill us with a sense of excitement at the potential that may just be in front of us.

Except, I think it’s already in front of us. The difference that these lucky omens make is that they change our mind-set from doom and gloom to one of optimism.

And I think it’s actually the feeling of optimism that creates the luck. If you are positive, upbeat, and expecting good things, then you create your own luck. If you work hard, network with lots of people, and do a great job, then the luck will naturally follow.

Alternatively, find yourself on a down-er and you can end up going down and down in a spiral of despondency and “bad” luck. This, I know, can be very hard to pull yourself out of.

The quickest way I have found of pulling yourself up and creating luck is by taking lots of action, fast.

Do something,….anything… get yourself going in a direction. Sometimes, any direction will do as long as it’s “up”. Do something practical, and do an income producing activity. These create a feeling of confidence and movement. When you have those feelings, you start getting a mind-set shift.

The more activity you do, the more you will feel confident, the more you will feel like things are moving in your business, and the more “luck” will come your way.

So, if your business has hit the doldrums, or is going too slowly for you, or you feel like you’re on a downward spiral, then start creating activity today.

You’ll be amazed at just how much luck will come your way!

Meanwhile, I’ll be preserving my four leafed clover for the next 37 years! :o)

See you next week,
Dedicated to your success as always,

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