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I thought I’d be very short and sweet this week and share a tip with you that I found.

This relates to when you are using landing pages or squeeze pages to gather visitors’ details in exchange for an ethical bribe or free giveaway. (A squeeze page is just a simple page, normally in a different place to your site so people can’t go wandering off looking at everything else, and it generally says “put your details in ‘here’ and get ‘this’).

Generally we use squeeze pages for cold visitors, that is those people who don’t yet know us or have a relationship with us. By capturing their data it means we can bring them into our marketing funnel and take them from a cold relationship to a warm relationship with us.

The research says that for cold visitors, when a squeeze page asks for a first name, response falls by 5.25%. This may not matter for a small number of visitors, but if you’re attracting large numbers of visitors to the page, it can make a big difference.

Interestingly though, the article (which for the life me I now can’t find the link to) goes on to say that as marketers we obviously want to capture a name, so the recommendations are that:

– You ask just for a first name and their email.
– When you then send the first few emails out, you do NOT use their name at all. People find it creepy and a bit “big brother-ish” (not sure if that’s a word, but you get my point!).

Something worth testing when you do your online marketing. I have a major campaign launching next week and I will be testing this, so I shall let you know what my results are in time.

Hope that helps!

Dedicated to your success,

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