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Mindset is Everything

They say attitude is everything, but I think having the right mindset to marketing is everything.

When we take on a new client, I always say the same thing – namely:

It generally takes three months to research and write a fully detailed marketing strategy and plan (yes, we can do a Quick Win Marketing Plan in a couple of days, but for a company that’s going places, a full strategy and plan is the right way forward).

Then, once you start implementing the plan, it can take at least another three months* before you start seeing results on the bottom line. At least.

Some people hear this, and others don’t.

Unfortunately, there is no silver bullet in marketing. If you want it done properly and you want proper results, then there is a process that we professionals have to go through to get there.

If you take your car to a mechanic, he (or she!) has to go through a process to get your car fixed and safe for the road. What you would never want is the “quick fix” that sorts out your car for now, but the minute you’re hurtling down the motorway to your next meeting, it chugs and splutters and spurts…and stops. That doesn’t help anyone, and you end up with a worse problem than you did at the start.

It’s the same with marketing. Proper, professional marketing ensures that your business is “safe for the road”.

Whether you do your marketing yourself or get a professional in to do it, allow the time to plan and research your marketing plan properly. Then, when you put it into action, allow three months to start seeing results.

The clients that don’t listen to my introductory piece and expect the impossible, end up with no marketing (normally because they’ve decided to chase the silver bullet elsewhere) and no results. They are the ones that go round saying “marketing doesn’t work” and “all that marketers do is take money and not make me any”.

The clients that DO have the right mindset, who understand that good results come from good foundations, and are prepared to give marketing the right amount of time to work for them, end up very happy because they DO get the results on their bottom line – normally about when we say they will!

Approach your marketing with the right mindset and the results will come.

Have a great weekend,

*PS a small caveat on the “three months until you see results” rule: this is a general rule, however it will be different for each business as it depends on your business, your product or service, the cost of it and your target audience and their buying cycle. Take professional advice on this first. You are more than welcome to call either Tracey or myself on 01452 347720 if you need some insight for your business.

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