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Mind the gap!

By November 10, 2012 Blogs, Miscellaneous No Comments

You may have noticed that this blog has a large hole in it this year.  Not great for blogging, but there was a good reason!

Last year I came up with the idea that, in order to serve my clients better, I needed to build a team around me and create a marketing agency. And this is what I’ve now done.

However, from a marketing point of view I needed to pull back from my old marketing as a marketing coach and trainer, and reposition the marketing to reflect that we are now a marketing agency.

In marketing terms, it’s best not to go jumping straight from one message into a completely different one, so even though it was extremely tough for a marketer (me!) not to be doing any of my own marketing for a few months, it needed to be done!  In that time, a whole new business has emerged and Merrie Marketing has been duly repositioned.

There will be a newsletter and accompanying blog post out in a few days to tell you more of what these changes are, but suffice to say, the blog is back again and you can look forward to more articles.  No longer written by just me, but also by our resident Queen of Social Media, Account Manager, Abigail, our new esteemed Account Director, Tracey, as well as our creative team and our associate partners.

Hope you enjoy it!  And do please leave us your comments because we’d love to hear from you.

Dedicated to your success,

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