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Marketing starts with you?.

This week I’m going to touch on something I believe is important. Yes, it’s to do with marketing, but it is also do with us as human beings and the way we interact with each other.

I apologise in advance if you’re wondering what planet I’ve suddenly gone to, but to me, marketing your own business is FAR more than just about “marketing”.

Sure, I can teach you 101 marketing techniques to bring customers and clients to you. I can help you put marketing strategies and marketing plans together. And, yes, absolutely, these things are very important to the life and growth of your business.

However, I think it’s more fundamental than that. When I take clients through my mentoring programme, I see shifts, changes and personal growth like you wouldn’t believe. I normally come away from mentoring sessions grinning from ear to ear at how that person has made another giant leap forward; and I know it’s powerful and transformative stuff for them.

The process I go through is to take people on a journey: it’s not “just” about sorting out their marketing plan. You see, their marketing plan will deliver their marketing strategy; their marketing strategy will serve to meet their business and financial goals; and their financial goals create their perfect life for them?whatever that looks like. It might be modest, it might be huge. It doesn’t matter; the goal for me is to ensure that their business creates the income to create the lifestyle that they want to live.

But lifestyle is not just about the “things”. It’s about the people we interact with on a day to day basis: the friends we choose to keep, the family we surround ourselves with, AND the clients that we choose to work for. It’s the people in our lives that make our lives worth living, and we therefore may as well surround ourselves with people we love to be with.

And that’s the underlying theme here: love. Love for your friends, love for your family, and – yes – love for your clients. Without getting too esoteric, there have been various experiments that show we all have an energy field around us. And if we direct our love, good feelings and thoughts towards a person, their energy field can increase by as much as three times. Just how good will that person feel?!

And the opposite is true: think bad or negative thoughts towards someone, and their energy field shrinks.

My belief is that as human beings we share a universal energy and that can be used for the greater good?..

?.But let’s bring this back to you and your business. You know how good and full of confidence you feel if you feel loved and supported by someone? That’s because your energy field has increased (and if you could see it, it would probably glow!), and you literally feel – well – full of energy.

So how about you do that for your clients? If you love what you do (i.e. work in the perfect niche for you) and love who you do it for (your clients), you can’t help but increase their energy levels, their confidence and their own personal power. And if they feel loved, they’ll increase that positive energy to the people who surround them – and so on. You see, shared energy for universal good.

And it all starts with you – now – and how you approach your marketing.

Have you worked out who exactly you want to work for? Who you are passionate about working with? Who would you love to work with? Who do you get excited about working with? A new client shouldn’t be “just another client”, you should be thrilled and excited about working with them – and that doesn’t matter whether you’re installing a new computer server for them, finding the perfect skin care regimes for them, or being a life coach to them.

Marketing your own business isn’t just about finding “your target market”. It’s deeper than that. It’s more fundamental than that. Your business is a reflection of you, and to become truly authentic in what you do and who you attract, then your energy needs to vibrate with positivity at every level.

Love for yourself, for your friends, for your family, for your business, for your clients, and for those you interact with on a daily basis will only increase that positive energy for you – and for your business.

I hope you’ve read this with an open mind, and are able to think a little beyond just “business and marketing”. As an individual business owner, you have the power to make a great and positive difference in the world, just in what you do, so I encourage you to go out there and really and truly make that difference. But it all starts with you.

Have a great week!
Dedicated to your success,

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