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Loving Timpsons!

Yesterday, I wrote a post about treating all your business contacts honestly, fairly, and with respect and integrity.

I then went into Timpsons in Gloucester at lunch time to get a new battery for my watch which had been slowing down and generally not fulfilling its required function of telling the time.

The very nice lady asked me if I wanted a year’s guarantee or lifetime guarantee  on my battery.  I answered, and off she went to fix it.

A few minutes later she returned saying that she’d tested the battery that was already in my watch, and that it was showing a full charge.  She therefore didn’t need to change it.  She’d cleaned out the dust from inside the watch and gave it back.  No charge.  Happy customer.

Professionalism, honesty and integrity.  Perfect marketing.

Guess where I’ll be going back to in the future time and time again?

Pun intended! ;o)

Have a great day,


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