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How could listening to your body benefit your business?

Be healthy

My mum has recently been reading a book on nutrition and she was telling me about a chapter which explains how our stomach has neurons in, and that these send messages to our brain that tell us what we should and shouldn’t eat. An intuition for our stomachs if you like.

I thought this was very interesting.  As I’ve got older, despite the combination of my hairdresser and Boots No 7 Protect & Perfect range having the magical ability to keep the years at bay on the outside, my insides tell a very different story.  The past few years has seen me go from having a fairly robust digestive system to one where I have to be quite careful what happens to my food before I cook it. Further, food I’ve loved for years now gives me indigestion, and strawberries now make my teeth ultra-sensitive and I just can’t eat them (that was a very sad day when I forced myself to accept that!).

No, this isn’t to share my tales of food woe with you.  However, what I think IS worth noting is that as our body ages and as we go through the stresses and strains of normal life, things change and our body needs different types and levels of nutrition.  But how many of us listen to our body?  And I mean TRULY listen to our body?  Listen to it in a way where we are intuitively connected to what our body needs in order to bring us the best balance of goodness and nutrients that is right just for us?

In a world that pushes us all down a path to look a certain way and thus eat in a certain way, we find ourselves blindly following the crowd…the latest celebrity endorsed fad…the popularist diets…all in our never ending quest to remain slim, healthy and gorgeous.

Except…maybe, just maybe, our bodies and minds won’t ever benefit from what the crowd are doing, what the celebrity is endorsing and what the popularist diets tell us we can and can’t eat.

Maybe then it would be better and far healthier to listen to what our bodies are actually telling us.  Our mind, body and soul know what is best for us.  Your mind, body and soul knows what’s best for you…my mind, body and soul know what’s best for me.

And if you can truly listen to what your body’s intuition is telling you and follow that advice, then imagine just how healthy and fighting fit you will be!  Imagine too just how liberating that will be!  Think how much benefit that will bring to you, to your family, to your life, and to your business.

You can leave the crowds, celebrities and popularists to do their thing.

You….you can do YOUR thing, safe in the knowledge that it is entirely right for you, and just you.

To your success,

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