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It’s not just about your clients.

I was introduced to a book a while back called “The Power Point” by Michael E Gerber (he of The E Myth fame). In this book, Michael discusses the four key groups of people connected with your business, namely:
Your clients (the group everyone thinks about)
Your employees
Your partners
Your suppliers
In last week’s article I spoke about how your values get communicated through your actions with your clients. But it doesn’t stop there.

Our business lives are made up of many groups of people and they generally fall into one of those four categories above.

Your clients will include your current clients, your past clients, your prospective clients…and those clients you haven’t met yet.

Your employees will cover those directly employed by you, but also those you employ on a contract, apprenticeship or intern basis.

Your partners are those that range from collaborative partners (who you may run joint workshops with for instance) to your business coach and accountant… and possibly your bank manager (if you are fortunate enough to have a real business manager at your bank who actually knows you…a rarity these days I feel!)

Your suppliers then are those who supply your business with everything that you need to run your business successfully – from your office supplies company, to the clever IT person who makes everything work again and everyone in between.

So when you consider how you want to be seen…how you want your brand to be seen…in other words how you want to demonstrate your values….then you need to not only think about your clients, but how you will be demonstrating and living your values with these other three groups of people too.

Marketing goes so much deeper than “attracting new clients” which is what most people think of it as. My stepdad puts it quite simply as “everything you say and everything you do.”

So what is the “everything you say” and “everything you do” with…

Your clients (yes of course), but also
Your Employees
Your Partners, and
Your Suppliers.

Part of your business and marketing strategy should include what you will be doing for these groups of people too. How you will act, how you will treat them, how you will communicate with them and when and so on.

If each of these groups of people, and thus everyone in your business life, is fully aware of your brand (who you are, what you are and what you are about), then think how solid and powerfully your brand can become and be communicated.

And that makes for powerful marketing.


Dedicated to your success

Kim x

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