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It's the little things that mean a lot

A while back I went to visit two potential venues for one of my VIP Programmes. They were generally OK, other than when the Sales Managers of BOTH venues gave me their business cards.

Both of these business cards were tatty, a bit dirty, and bent at the edges.

Suddenly any ideas I might have had about spending a whole year’s worth of conference fees with them went straight out of the window. If they can’t get the very basics right, like the look of their business cards, then how do I know that they will look after me and my VIP Platinum group for a year?

It’s always the little details that make the difference, both positively and negatively, and I’m afraid that relatively minor lack of detail and care, has made a big difference to the business that I won’t be placing with them.

On the flip side of the coin, the venue where I decided to hold my Platinum Programme definitely cares and look after the little details – even down to the big red mug of tea that they bring me when I arrive to set up! So impressed am I, that my next Platinum Marketing Mastermind Group will be held there as well (starting Spring 2012), as well as any other workshops I run over the course of the coming months.

As another example, I pass a wedding dress shop on my travels. It’s tucked away in the Forest of Dean and could position itself as a unique and premier independent shop and charge premium prices. Except every time I pass, the windows are filthy and there are a couple of dresses put in the window?.using the term “window display” is too strong a term! I have no idea how they keep themselves in business, but it’s not somewhere I would recommend anyone go, based on first appearances.

And it’s these first appearances matter. Whether it’s the state of your business cards, your shoes, your voicemail message, your windows if you have any kind of retail premises, or any number of other things like this, how you present yourself is vitally important to how you are perceived and thus how successful your overall marketing will ultimately be.

No amount of marketing will convert into successful sales for that wedding shop. Marketing will drive prospective buyers there?but there’s an immediate let down with the state of the windows, and that’s before you’ve even stepped in the door, and I suspect many people just don’t bother going in, let alone buy.

So?over the next few days, think about the little things. Because they are actually the most important things.

And, please, do throw away those tatty old business cards buried deep in your handbag or pocket!

Have a great week,
Dedicated to your success,

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