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Is Fear Holding You Back?

What if?.you didn’t scare yourself out of your potential? (Dan Hollings)

A while ago I attended a tele-seminar run by Dan Hollings. He was the one behind the marketing of The Secret. It was a webinar teaching a particular marketing technique, and to promote his new programme on that very subject.

This marketing technique could be seen as quite techy, but it WILL take the marketing world by storm. I suspect the very idea of it might put a lot of people off, but he said a very interesting thing towards the end of his presentation, and that was:

“What if you didn’t scare yourself out of your potential?”.

From my travels I meet many people who could achieve SO much more in their business if only they went just that little bit further.

But fear holds them back.

Fear of the unknown.

Fear of not knowing.

Fear of not knowing who to ask.

Fear of not knowing whether it’ll work or not.

Fear of the technical stuff that is seemingly taking over the world.

The thing is, it’s only this one little word that stands in the way of so much achievement and fulfilment of potential. You’ve probably heard that “˜FEAR’ stands for “False Expectations Appearing Real”.

And that’s what’s really in your way: False Expectations.

And if it IS fear that’s holding you back – how do you feel about “false expectations” holding you back?

There’s another quote that I came across recently which says “Don’t let what you’re being get in the way of what you might become.” (Unknown).

It says the same thing – and both quotes give you the same message: that actually it’s perfectly OK to feel fear, be scared, not know how it’s going to work out, to not know how to do something.

But the difference between those who “make it” and those who stay where they are, is that those who make it battle those fears and move on regardless. It doesn’t make them any less afraid, and they still have to fathom new skills out, but they still move on. Their dream is big enough that it helps them to overcome the obstacles in their path.

The climb to the top (wherever that is for you) shouldn’t be easy: the climb should grow you as a person, should increase your skills and knowledge, and give you the abilities and strength of character that you need when you do reach the top.

So, embrace the fears. Embrace the changes. Tackle the challenges.

Get a big dream and move towards it.

But don’t let fear hold you back!

Dedicated to your success as always,

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