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Step Outside Your Interest Zone

By March 26, 2015 Love Yourself, Mindset No Comments

Last Sunday, Mr R and I went to Jive. If you read regularly you’ll know that I’ve been going to Jive lessons for about 6 years or so now so there was nothing out of the ordinary about a trip out on a Sunday evening to spin around a village hall in deepest, darkest Herefordshire.

Last Sunday however, they taught us a couple of new moves: the double pretzel and Frankie’s Move. A double pretzel is not a problem (a great move that looks very impressive when you’ve mastered it; but can leave you hysterically tangled up in knots when you do it for the first time). And actually nor is Frankie’s Move that much of an issue, other than we all thought it was downright silly! Practice after practice and no-one in the room was enjoying it. There’s a much better version of it in Lindy Hop…but I digress.

However what this move did do, was teach us something different and new. Us dancers learn new moves all the time, but this was one that pushed us outside our interest zone. Not our comfort zone no, but our interest zone.

By trying something very different it got our brains (and bodies) moving in new directions, and caused quite a discussion – and much hilarity – at the end of the class. And this has got be good for our mind, body and soul: a release of endorphins and serotonin, the feel good hormones from laughter, and new connections made in our brain to keep it alive and kicking!

So over the next few days I encourage you to go and try something completely new, outside of your interest zone. Something you would never normally consider trying, and even if you never do it again, just see how refreshed you feel for doing something new and different.

See you next time,

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