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Improve Your Marketing for 2016 In Just 30 Minutes A Day

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There’s no denying it – Christmas is now around the corner and the use of our time becomes somewhat frenetic as we cram Christmas stuff into our already busy days whilst Amazon becomes our new best friend.
However, despite all the activity, I like to take some time out each day at this time of year to review the year gone by and the changes that need to be made for the year ahead.  So over the next couple of weeks, take half an hour a day to review your marketing efforts and results for this year.  Here are four elements of your marketing you can quickly review in just 30 minutes a day:

1. Look at your customer list.  Which of your clients fills your heart with joy?  And which don’t?  Who do you want to keep as clients going into next year?  Who do you want to get rid of? Do you want to attract a new type of client next year?  You may have started last year with a a goal of attracting a certain type of person or company, but with time comes clarity….and things change.  If they are still perfect, then – well – perfect. But if not, you can change them.  Here’s an article I wrote back in September on this very subject.

2. Look at you and your business.  When did you last do a SWOT analysis on yourself and your business?  They’re worth doing every year and help you to check in with where you and your business are against where you wanted you and your business to be.  It will easily show up your development areas for 2016, as well as helping to hone your rmarketing messages (ie, that all important one – “why us?”).  Here’s a detailed article on how to do a SWOT analysis.

3. Are you doing what you WANT to be doing?  I worked with a well established business a few years ago and they just couldn’t hit the seven figure turnover mark and their profitability was appalling.  A few deep and challenging questions from yours truly combined with some honest soul searching from the business owner and we re-aligned the business with what the business owner really wanted.  OK, so it took a little while (well established businesses always take a while to turn around) but the result was an increase of 70% on their profit margin, they hit (and surpassed) the seven figure revenue they were after, they doubled their team size and won some business awards. All from a relatively short conversation, and some courage and belief from the business owner. Have a read about Kronk if you need a little inspiration!

4. Study your marketing activities for the past year.  What’s worked and what hasn’t?  Where have your clients come from?  What is still “work in progress” and what needs just plain old work?  Every marketing activity you do needs a strategy behind it (including knowing why you are doing it).  Every marketing activity needs a goal to reach and a plan to reach that.

I hope that helps turn your marketing thinking in the right direction for 2016, but if you need any further inspiration, don’t hesitate to book in for a free Marketing Insight session by clicking here, or calling me on 01452 223306.


Dedicated to your success as always,

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