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I bet you haven't considered this in your marketing plans?

Hopefully by now you will have your business and marketing plans in place for this year. But have you considered the part your values play in the marketing of your business?

Your personal values are those things that are really important and fundamental to you and your life, for instance – honesty, integrity, fairness, beauty, peace, family, health, wisdom, abundance.

You’ll know when you’re asked to make decisions or do things that are against your values, because you’ll feel uncomfortable or resentful or it just won’t feel right.

Your values also have an affect over what marketing methods you employ to promote your business.

For example: networking is a great way to promote you and your business. But there are so many out there?so which are the right ones for you? If you have a young family and they rate high up on your values/personal importance scale, then breakfast meetings are out of the question. As are the groups that need a weekly commitment from you.

You may value the peace and tranquillity of the evening which is when you listen to music and recharge your batteries – so out go the evening networking events!

I’ve spoken to a couple of people recently who dislike fear based marketing messages – it goes against their values. So that dictates, for these business owners, positive messages are the way to go for them and their business.

Understanding your values and what’s truly important to you can help to ensure that not only your business and business model is in complete alignment with who you are, but the marketing you choose is also completely right for you too. It will also help you to make decision about how you work (long hours in the office are not conducive to quality family time or your health for instance).

So I encourage you to spend 5 minutes (no more – you need the first things that come to mind) in determining what your top 4 or 5 values are, and then putting them in order of importance.

I promise that this little exercise will have a far greater impact on your business than you might imagine!

Keep your business and the marketing of it in complete congruency with who you are – and you’ll find that the right business model, the right marketing methods and the right clients all fall into place for you.

Have a great week,

PS Just a note to my blog subscribers and visitors (other than my MerrieZine subscribers): to really cut down on spam and sneaky promotional messages in the comments below, I will now only accept comments from a real named individual. So, putting “cheap hotels for you” or “guitar lessons” in the Name section (however great the comment) will NOT get your comment published! One of my values is fairness?and I have to be fair to the people who genuinely want to add their comments, and are not leaving comments purely to promote their own business on other people’s blogs!