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A while back I watched a programme on early humans. Evidently there were many species of humans, and this particular programme focused on Homo Sapiens (us) versus the Neanderthals.

The Neanderthals were much bigger and stronger than us, with a lot of muscle. Both males and females caught their food by wrestling it to the ground and overcoming it, forcing a spear in at close quarters to kill the animal. They lived in small family units, caring for their sick or injured. However, they eventually died out (I haven’t spotted any in Gloucestershire, so I guess that must be true).

The Homo Sapiens, on the other hand, threw their spears to kill their food. They developed ways of throwing them further and straighter. The difference here is that they divided their labour: the males went off to hunt and kill the animals, whilst the females stayed in the villages because they were either pregnant or looking after babies and young children. It was the women who went looking for nuts and berries.

Small groups of Homo Sapiens joined forces with other small groups, resulting in larger, stronger – and safer – groups of people. They then worked out a further division of labour, this time by skill set. Some people were better at hunting, and some were better at fishing. And so the hunters went hunting, and the fishermen went fishing, and they then swopped their meat and fish.

This developed so that people who specialised in a particular skill area became very good at it, and thus became “the” people to go to. The Homo Sapiens started to grow in numbers and explode in population because of this joining forces and making these strong groups, and swopping their specialist skills. The expert commenting said that the more specialised us humans got in a particular area, the more successful we are.

The Neanderthals, on the other hand, didn’t specialise or share skills, and they died out.

Let’s bring ourselves forward a few thousand years to the modern day: how specialist are you? Or do you have a generalistic approach? Do you work solo? Or do you collaborate with other specialists in your area?

It certainly makes your marketing a whole lot easier if you are very clear about what exactly you do and who you do it for. And from working with my clients, I know that the more they specialise, the more successful they become.

So, I encourage you to spend a few minutes today to think about that very question: what DO you specialise in, and for whom?

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