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How’s the View Ahead?

oak tree

Out for my morning walk this morning, I went a different route.  Actually it was the route I used to take, before I upped the ante and included some hills, but as I fancied an easier jaunt, I headed off towards my oak tree which marks my half way point.

The first thing I noticed it was that the hedges all looked beautifully trimmed, and they’d all had three or four foot cut off them, and so suddenly I could see the view beyond.  How beautiful was that!  I could also suddenly see my oak tree in the distance – normally, I don’t see it until I’m close due to the high hedges.

It got me thinking: the quiet times in our business are like those hedges.  When we’re not so busy, and haring around, it’s an excellent time to put our head up and look at the view.  What’s around you?  What’s ahead of you?  Have you got some time and space so that you see your path ahead a little more clearly?

Maybe as it all goes quiet next month in between Christmas and New Year, or your clients go a bit quiet in December, it would be a great time to reflect on the journey you’ve taken this year, and have a look at the path ahead of you.

Enjoy the view!

To your success,

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