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How Well Nourished Are You?


Last Autumn I ran a survey.  Three sets of figures jumped out at me:

97% of you think that the success of your personal life is just as important as your business life;

91% think that your home life and relationships have an effect on the success of your business; and

86% think that your personal health and well-being have an effect on the success of your business.

This week I gave a coaching session to a beautiful lady who runs a successful complementary therapy business.  She is passionate about what she does, clearly loves it and is motivated by it.

All I could see in her eyes though was “H-e-l-p! I’m drowning!! And I’m SOOOOO tired!!”.  My heart went out to her and all I wanted to do is give her a big hug.

My heart also went out to the respondent in my survey who said “…increased blood pressure, panic attacks, and sharp weight loss make me want to give up; and I often feel completely out of energy.”  I’d give them a big hug too if only I knew who they were.

The thing is, it doesn’t need to be like this.  Working all the hours under the sun (working 24/7?  Pah!  That’s for wimps….) on and in your business is actually counter-productive.

You need to give of yourself in your business, yes: but you also need to give of yourself to your clients, to your staff, to your colleagues, to your business friends, to those you meet whilst out networking, and to your business itself.

If you have nothing to give, all you do is dig deeper and deeper into your reserves until you have nothing left.  Then what happens?  Stress, tiredness, illness, disease….no business??

In a previous life I trained as a clinical aromatherapist: two years’ training to the medical standard of a nurse or junior doctor.  I saw a lot of clients who came to me because they had aches and pains and various things wrong with them.

Their skin was appalling; they got rashes, spots or skin conditions which wouldn’t go away and had no medically known cause; their hip/back/shoulder hurt; they had M.E.; they got constant headaches. And so on an so on; the list is endless.

It all boiled down to the same thing though: they were out of balance with their body.  Their nutrition may have needed looking at, yes, but most often was that their issue started off with their mind being out of kilter.  They were stressed at something; there wasn’t enough balance in their lives; they were not spending any time looking after themselves.

We all (should!) know that nourishing our body is important: the right balance of good, fresh food and plenty of water.

But, what most people miss out is that nourishing your soul, or spirit, is just as important.  It fills your reserves.  It keeps “you” topped up.  It keeps you balanced and at peace with yourself.  It gives you what you need to give to others.  It gives you the fire, energy and motivation you need to feed your business.

So, this week I’d like you to think about you.

Just as I set my lovely lady yesterday some homework of thinking about something just for her, I would like you to do the same.  Find something (or get on a roll and do two or three things!) that you love to do, and build some time in your week to do them.

Cutting time out for yourself will oddly give you more time and energy for your business, for your loved ones, and will help to hugely benefit your health and well-being.

And if you genuinely do think that your personal well-being and relationships are just as important as your business then, yes, you DO have time!

Nourish your soul; fill your spirit; and your personal fire will start burning again very merrily.

And that’s got to be good for your marketing and your business, has it not?

Dedicated to your success,
See you next week,

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