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How to Write A Successful Article

Have you ever been completely stuck in knowing how to write an article for the internet? Well, you’re not alone. Here are my tips for successful article writing.

How to Get Those Elusive Words On Paper…

Firstly decide what your article should be about.
Keep it simple, and on one subject, is my motto. If you find, as you’re writing, that you’re straying into another subject area, then make another article out of it. You also need to know what you want people to do as a result of reading your article. For instance, do you want them to click through to a certain page on your site, or go to a particular landing page to request your free report, or subscribe to your newsletter?

Next draw a mind map.
This is one of the funny spidery diagrams with thoughts going out in all directions (if you google ‘mind map’ you’ll find examples). This is where you can get down all your thoughts on a particular subject in one place using your favourite quill and parchment. I use mind mapping for all sorts of things – initial thoughts for business plans and marketing plans, they’re also my notes when I’m delivering talks and running courses and so on. I find them very useful, so worth a go if you’ve never used this technique before.

Once you have your mind map, see what the main points are that you can cover in your article and leave the rest for another day.

Then, under each of those points (on a separate piece of paper or parchment), write two or three sentences to expand each of those points, and also organise these points into a coherent flow (so it makes sense to the reader).

What you can do now is start pulling all those sentences together into one article, (and it’s at this point that you can re-join the 21st century and commit your offerings to the workings of your pc).

Make Sure Your Article is Readable

The simplest way to format an article is to write it in three sections (do you remember this from school?!):

1. First section – tell your reader what the article is going to be about and what it will do for them (what problem you will be solving for them);
2. Then give them the information itself;
3. Finally, tell them what it was about and reinforce your solution/benefit.

All in about 500 – 800 words or so (this blog piece is about 560 to give you an idea of length)

And – ta da! – you have an article ready for the outside world!

Psst?.If you just can’t bear the thought of writing an article in this way, or you really don’t have the time, how about “Ten Ways To…” or “Five Secrets of…” and use bullet points?

There are plenty of other ways for you to write an article other than the standard way, so do look for a style that suits you.

Writing an article doesn’t have to be difficult. It seems that getting started is the biggest stumbling block – there’s nothing worse that sitting there, fingers poised over your keyboard at the exact moment your mind goes completely blank and you can’t think of anything AT ALL to write on any subject whatsoever. Hopefully, my tips above should eliminate that forever for you.

Good luck and have fun!

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