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How To Smile With Confidence!

My son, aged eight, seems to have an aversion to anything involving keeping himself clean. I managed to persuade him that showering every day was a good thing by buying him his very own bottle of Lynx.


Might I take this opportunity to mention teeth cleaning?

Asking him to clean his teeth gets the same reaction as asking him to lick the chimney clean. Actually I might have more success with the latter.

I get every excuse under the sun for why he hasn’t cleaned his teeth: “I always clean my teeth after my bath/shower”, “I cleaned my teeth before my bath/shower”, “I don’t like this toothpaste”, “That toothpaste is pink – urgh”, “Look at this Lego spaceship I’ve made”, “Martians have landed in the garden?..” and so it goes on.

Then he tries to pull the wool over my eyes by saying he has cleaned his teeth, when he very obviously haven’t (honestly, do I look as I have “stupid” tattooed on my forehead??). He’ll even say that when he’s stood in the bathroom and knows I will check his toothbrush!

It can take seven or eight requests from me (now exhausted by the whole process, particularly as this happens twice a day) to get him to actually put toothpaste on toothbrush, toothbrush into his mouth and turn the toothbrush on. (Nope – not even the lure of electronic gadgetry can get him cleaning his teeth of his own accord).

I’m hoping that the arrival of G.I.R.L.S in a few years might trigger the teeth cleaning-enthusiasm gene. In the meantime, I think I have a few years of seven or eight requests, twice a day, every day.

It’s an interesting observation though?this seven or eight times to get a message through?.and to get him to act on it. In a marketing campaign you need to get your message across at least seven or eight times before your target audience will react and act upon it.

So you therefore need to be sure that you have a very clear message and a direct call to action.

That means that whoever is reading your advert/side of van/website/leaflet etc knows precisely what you want them to do, whether it’s to call a number, click a link, or put their details in the form and press “submit”.

That means you need to be very clear yourself. Just as much as I need to be absolutely clear to the resident eight year old that I want him to clean his teeth (strong call to action) and I have to repeat my message to him eight times before he acts on it (and I get the result that I’m after), you need to follow these principles in the promotion of your business to your potential customers.

One request isn’t going to do it. You need repeated, very clear, messages out there with a strong call to action so that they create the results that you’re after.

And if you every feel like practising, I have an eight year old who needs to clean his teeth twice a day?.

Have a great week!
Dedicated to your success,

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