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How to Sell?and Sell Well

By March 8, 2011 Selling No Comments

I have a confession to make. I used to hate selling. It was horrible and yucky?went against my grain?didn’t feel right?didn’t feel comfortable?I got all embarrassed?never knew how to get my talents across.

And, you know what? I didn’t sell.

Not a thing.

And if you don’t sell anything?quite frankly, you don’t have a business.

No selling equals no business equals no income.

Do your marketing right and you’ll drive all the right kind of people to your door – but you will never convert those people into paying clients unless you sell them your wares (whether you sell them things or yourself).

However – learn how to sell, and sell well, and you suddenly find that you have clients to work with or customers buying your goodies. You’ll find that you have endless enthusiasm for what you’re doing, your positive energy will flow, and best of all, you create an income that you can run your business with and create the life that you were after when you went into business in the first place.

I think the main reason that business owners on the whole don’t like this selling lark (trust me, I wasn’t the only one who disliked it!) is that they think they have to “close” a client, or feel like they’re selling things that the customer doesn’t want, and it just doesn’t feel natural or authentic to them.

So, here are my top three tips for turning this around for you – starting today.

1. Know why you’re in business in the first place. A strong enough emotional reason will get you over the fear of selling fairly fast. If your business is there to provide for your family?the choice is “sell?..or not feed my kids”. Hmm.

2. Listen to what your potential customer is saying. You know that you can provide whatever service or product they need to solve their particular problem. The thing is, you need to know what their problem is. And you’ll only get that by truly listening to them. Write down notes as you speak to someone?and repeat back what they’ve said to show that you truly understand them.

This has a two fold benefit for you: firstly you can decide whether you can – or want to – help or work with this person. If you can’t help them then you can recommend them to someone better suited to what they need. Do NOT be desperate to sell them something?anything?because it backfires, and reflects really badly on you.

Secondly, if you’ve truly listened to what they need and the problem they have, you can then tell them exactly how you can help them in their situation?in a way that’s authentic for you and right for them. You’re chatting to them about their problems and what kind of help they need to get them out of that problem. It’s a conversation?not a “sales process”. If their problem is a nail that they need banging in to a piece of wood, you chat to them about hammers and the right one for their needs. It’s not the time to be talking to them about spanners, even if you happen to sell those too.

3. Let go of the outcome. This is really key. If you’re desperate for business, you push it away. If you’re relaxed, you attract it.

If you know you’ve truly listened to your potential customer, and you know in your heart that you’ve offered them the best solution that will help them, and you know that you’d genuinely like to work with them, then you’ve done you’re bit. If you’ve been relaxed throughout your initial conversation with them, then it’s now up to them. People love to buy – but they hate to be sold to. Take away the pressure, and I promise they’ll come to buy. Whether they buy or not is not your decision?so let go of that, and I promise you’ll feel better for it.

So, if you were expecting sales processes and closing techniques, sorry to disappoint. You want your marketing to be natural to you, and you want your sales to be natural to you to. Make it natural, and your business grows perfectly for you.

You’re the only one who can do what you do – in fact you are brilliant at it! So trust in that, be natural, and allow the sales to happen for you.

Have a great week,